Our Board consists of member-sport liaisons to better serve our athletic teams.

2018 – 2019 Board

Position / Committee(s)


Sport Liaison

President Kate Nisbet
Athletic Director Bob Joers
Asst Athletic Director Kathleen Painter
Treasurer Vicky D’Orazio
Communications/Social Media Kathleen Maginot Girls Tennis
Communications/Social Media Stephanie Hujanen Girls Tennis
Concessions Tina Chirafisi Girls Track
Due Diligence Shana Wuebben Football
Fundraising Dan and Camille Dunn Baseball
Fundraising Kim Frisch Boys Golf
Fundraising Sandy Stoecker Dance
Fundraising Katie Rogers Girls Lacrosse
Fundraising Jim Armstrong Hockey
Fundraising Ann Jones Ski/Snowboard
Fundraising Beth Graf Softball
Indoor concessions – Team Rep/Bank B and G Volleyball, G Swim Shawn Welti Girls Volleyball
Indoor Concessions – Team Rep/Bank Boys Bball Mike and Jen Deptula Boys Basketball
Indoor Concessions – Team Rep/Bank Girls Bball Andy and Ellen Flottmeyer Girls Basketball
Indoor Concessions B Swim, Costco Shopping Mari Lamers Boys Swim/Dive
Indoor Concessions B Swim, Costco Shopping Maria Lundin Boys Swim/Dive
Membership Boys Tennis
Membership Teri Ott Cheerleading
Membership Holly Baggot Gymnastics
Merchandise Norma Meier Girls Golf
Outdoor Concessions – Costco Courtney Madigan Girls Swim/Dive
Outdoor Concessions – Inventory Gina Schuster Boys Soccer
Outdoor Concessions – Inventory Jodi Kowalski Girls Soccer
Outdoor Concessions – Team Rep Bank Kate Nisbet Boys Lacrosse
Secretary Maureen Gonter Girls Cross Country
Treasurer Mark Hoferle Boys Cross Country
Vendor Marketing Scott Easton Boys Track
Vendor Marketing Theresa Neisius Wrestling
Website Neil Peters-Michaud Boys Volleyball


Cardinal Booster Club Board Members 2018-2019

Cardinal Booster Club 2018-2019 Meetings