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Due Diligence Funding Model (updated 7/16/2015)

The Due Diligence Funding Model will begin July 1st and end the following June 30th. The volunteer work and membership percentages will be compiled and applied to the following sports season. In summary, sports are working a year ahead. Example: Due Diligence numbers and percentages between July 1st, 2015 and June 30th, 2016, will be calculated and applied to a sport’s funding for the 2016-2017 season.


  • Each sport will receive $25 for every MCBC member it has on its rosters (Freshmen, JV and Varsity combined).
  • If a sport reaches 50% membership it will receive $500.
  • If a sport reaches 75% membership, or above, it will receive an additional $500 (max of $1,000).
  • Student-Athletes receiving free sports participation (sport fee is waived) will be considered a member of the MCBC for the purposes of calculating a sport’s membership percentage.
  • Sports will not receive the above mentioned $25 per Student-Athlete for those whose sport fee has been waived.
  • Teams may purchase a Lifetime or 4-Year Booster Club membership for their coach(es).  This membership may be counted towards the sports membership percentage.  Lifetime or 4-Year Memberships for coaches will receive a $25 dollar discount.


  • Each sport must contribute volunteer hours.  This can be done by working in concessions, helping with MCBC fundraisers, etc.  These hours will be recorded and tracked.
  • A sport will receive $1,000 for volunteering 50-99 hours, in a given year (July 1st-June 30th).  A sport will receive an additional $1,000 if they volunteer 100+ hours.
  • Each sport is responsible for selling tickets to MCBC fundraising events.
  • Each sport is responsible for organizing a foursome for the Annual Golf Outing.


  • Each MHS sport has the opportunity to have a representative (“liaison”) on the Booster Club Board of Directors. The liaison will be able to apply a maximum of 25 hours to any one sports 50+ hour requirement.  If a liaison represents more than one sport, he/she may apply a maximum of 25 hours to each sport they represent if they donate 25 or more hours to the Booster Club in a given year, outside of board meetings.  If a liaison fails to attend 8 of the 10 board meetings in a given year and does not actively participate in a sub-committee, the sport will not receive credit for the above mentioned 25 hours.


  • Head coaches wishing to make a request for their sports’ Due Diligence hours should contact Athletic Director Bob Joers with the request. Mr. Joers will either approve or reject the request and communicate the decision with the head coach. If the funding request is questionable he will bring the request to the Booster Club Board of Directors for discussion (i.e. funding request for payment of a volunteer coach (for reference, this request was denied by the Board)). Contact Bob Joers.


  • Sports are allowed to carry-over unused Due Diligence funds from one year to the next, but only under the following conditions:
    1. The sport must be facing a large purchase in the coming year (i.e. equipment, uniforms).
    2. The head coach must inform the Athletic Director by May 31 of the current year of the specific carryover request for the upcoming year.
    3. The request must include a specific amount, not to exceed current-year available balance, along with the details of the proposed use of funds.
    4. If the Athletic Director approves the request, (s)he will bring the request to the Board of Directors for approval.
    5. The carryover funds MUST be used for the proposed/approved purpose. The carryover funds will NOT be distributed to the sport for anything other than what they were proposed and approved by the Board. If carryover funds are not used in the following year, the funds will be placcbc-due-diligence-summary-by-sported back in the Booster Club’s general fund.

Team Volunteer Hours Spreadsheet