What does the Booster Club do?

The Cardinal Booster Club is all about supporting athletics and athletes at Middleton High School. We begin by providing additional funding to each of the sports at MHS. Booster Club funds were used to purchase a new gymnastics springboard, a diving board for the pool, soccer nets, the gymnasium upgrade, the football field turf, etc.

The Booster Club plays a major role in keeping athletics moving forward at MHS. Throughout the year the Booster Club sponsors several educational opportunities for parents and athletes.

You may have heard about the sports conditioning class is offered all summer long (and is continuing throughout the school year). This program and the trainers are funded by the Booster Club. Hundreds of students participated in this activity and took advantage of the professional trainers that led the classes.

The Booster Club also manages the Athlete Assistance Fund to provide money to help student athletes purchase equipment necessary to compete in their sport, when their families might not otherwise be able to afford the gear.

How do I know my child’s sport will get credit for membership?

We provide the team with $25 for every athlete whose family is a member of the Booster Club. If your child is in two sports, then two teams would receive $25 from the Booster Club. This is reoccurring each year as long as you’re a Booster member and your child(ren) are on a team. In addition, we provide a bonus $1000 if the team reaches predefined milestones for membership. So, for example, if 75% of the families on your child’s team are Booster Club members, the team would receive $1000….again, that’s repeated for every team…every year. Teams also have the ability to earn up to $2000 a year by volunteering for Booster Club activities, which include concessions, fundraising events, or serving on the Booster Club board of directors.

How can I get involved?

We encourage you to volunteer for concessions, to help with the fundraisers we do each year, to get involved in our community service work, or help out with administrative work for the board. The board is always in need of people to help with accounting, mailings, coordinating work teams, printing materials, representing the booster club, helping to recognize athletic accomplishments, etc.