Our Board consists of member-sport liaisons to better serve our athletic teams.

2020 – 2021 Board

Sport First Name Last Name Position or Committee
Baseball Tim Cleary Fundraising
Boys Basketball Carrie Roquet Indoor Concessions -bank $ orders
Girls Basketball Kendall Dahmen Indoor Concessions
Cheerleading Teri Ott Membership
Boys Cross Country Kelly Novak Treasurer
Girls Cross Country Maureen Gonter Secretary
Dance Sandy Stoecker Fundraising
Football April Bauer Due Diligence
Boys Golf Suzanne Beckman Fundraising
Girls Golf Sharon Dahmen Merchandise
Gymnastics Stacy Bernd Membership
Boys Hockey Tricia Ballweg Website
Girls Hockey Amy Jambor Fundraising
Boys Lacrosse Carmen Bauer Indoor Concessions – Shopper
Girls Lacrosse Dianne Kubsh Indoor Concession – Shopper
Ski/Snowboard Anne Veit Fundraising
Boys Soccer Niki Meyers Concessions
Girls Soccer Heather Hafemen Outdoor concessions
  Meghan Owens Outdoor concessions
Softball Julie Redders Outdoor Concession – Shopper
Boys Swim/Dive Courtney Madigan Concessions – Pepsi and Badger Popcorn
Girls Swim/Dive Maria Lundin Indoor Concessions -shopper
Boys Tennis Jackie Connell Social Media Facebook/Twitter
  Esther Kim Social Media Facebook/Twitter
Girls Tennis Stephanie Hujanen Concessions
Boys Track Stella Cristoforo Concession Indoor
Girls Track Tina Chirafisi Vice president – Concessions Manager
Boys Volleyball Anna Fosdick Fundraising
Girls Volleyball Kristie Pulvermacher Concession
Wrestling Mary Hoffman Fundraising
President Theresa Neisius President – Fundraising – Vendor Marketing
Athletic Director Jamie Sims  
Asst Athletic Director Ben White  

Booster Club meeting schedule