Athlete Assistance Fund

During the 2014-15 school year, the Cardinal Booster Club Board voted to establish a fund for potential student athletes who would like to participate in a sport, but are not able to do so, due to financial hardship.  The Tailgate Party raffle ticket sales served as the seed money for this fund. We will continue with our efforts to grow this fund on behalf of these students.

Here are some facts when the Fund was created:

  • 90 Middleton High School students are homeless
  • 14% of MHS students qualify for free or reduced lunch
  • Average GPA at MHS = 3.18
  • Average GPA of non-athletes at MHS = 2.56
  • Average GPA of student-athletes at MHS = 3.32

All Middleton High School students should have the opportunity to participate in a sport, no matter what their family financial situation.

Nearly 60% of the Middleton High School (MHS) student body is involved in at least one sport. The Middleton Cardinal Booster Club and MHS School District established a program many years ago to assist under-privileged student-athletes with insurance, financial issues and other hardships. The Booster Club learned that help is needed when an adult or family member steps forward and asks for assistance.

However, what happens to the child who would like to participate in athletics, but has no adult to speak on their behalf or are too embarrassed to ask for help on their own? It has come to our attention that this silent, un-served segment does exist at MHS.

In 2015, the Booster Club and school district created the Student-Athlete Assistance Program to offer assistance to “would-be” athletes, while maintaining their anonymity. The model relies on social workers, teachers and district administrators, during private conversations, to gauge a student’s interest in athletics and identify their needs. During the conversation it will be stressed to the student that their needs will be addressed privately. These District employees may then contact Athletic Director(AD) with the student’s needs. The AD will then bring the need to the Booster Club Board of Directors for funding approval and/or issue resolution. Neither the student’s name, nor other personal information, will be shared with the Board of Directors.